Rossi Feed & Forest Products

1386 Rossi Rd, Templeton, California 93465
(805) 434-2884
Rossi Transport Service 1386 Rossi Rd Templeton, CA 93465 (805) 434-2884 / (800) 321-3092 History of Rossi Transport Service In 1952 Jim Rossi started hauling milk from the family dairy in SLO county to Arden Farms Creamery in Santa Barbara. While unloading at the creamery, he met a man who said there are lots of horse ranches here, why don’t you bring some hay down on the days that you don’t bring milk? And so as he turned the idea around in his head and saw the future for Rossi Transport Service. As the business grew, with more equipment and employees, he supplied hay to many horse ranches and dairies. In the 1960’s we added the wholesale distribution of bagged wood shavings with sales from LA to San Francisco. In the1970’s, Jim’s son Steve and daughter Susan came into the business allowing the company to diversify with forest products for the landscape industry. Our company was instrumental in helping our local cities begin green waste recy
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