San Luis Sports Therapy

350 Posada Ln #103, Templeton, California 93465
(805) 434-2050
1345 Park St PR 226-0975 7325 El Camino Real Atscdro 466-6719 The Movement For Life® Team is made up of locally managed clinics, regionally named San Luis Sports Therapy, Delta Physical Therapy, Central Valley Physical Therapy, Athlon Physical Therapy and Avid Physical Therapy. Established in 1959 as San Luis Sports Therapy and Orthopedic Rehabilitation in San Luis Obispo, California, the Team is currently comprised of close to 200 team members from diverse backgrounds striving to improve the lives of those they touch. Boasting Board Certified, Doctoral educated practitioners; the Movement For Life® team is able to apply current and effective treatment paradigms in a healthy, healing atmosphere, encouraging progress. The Movement For Life® Team operates under a unique “Collaborative Model” where the motto “All for one and one for all!” rings true. All of the profits generated by our Team are invested back into our Company and the Communities we serve rather than being siphoned o
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