Greenfields Turf Inc

East End Oak Avenue, Greenfield, California 93927
(800) 673-3058
Greenfields Turf is a speciality grower of sod for California landscape. Greenfields Turf has created its name on quality sod and personalized service. Grown in the Salinas Valley, this climate provides an ideal growing ground for cool season turf grasses. Through intensive breeding and cross-breeding of the Turf Type Tall Fescues by plant breeders, the original Enduro sod has been refined into a new generation that provides a darker green color, finer texture and lower growth while keeping the hardy nature and lower water needs of its original ancestors. Dwarf Enduro is a new generation of sod that is well-suited to the climate and soil demands of Northern and Central California for today and for tomorrow. Heat and Wear Tolerant Dwarf Enduro has a high tolerance to both heat and wear compared with other cool season grasses. Shade Tolerant Dwarf Enduro prefers a sunny location but will perform better in light shade situations than bluegrass or rye. About 4 hours of direct sunli
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