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Welcome! Heritage Ranch encompasses approximately 9,150 total acres with 2,104 single-family residential lots presently developed and 5,100 acres of dedicated open space. Open space consists of the many amenities along with undeveloped common area which is kept in a natural state consisting primarily of native grasses and oak trees. Heritage Ranch is located in San Luis Obispo County, California along the southern shoreline of Nacmiento Lake. Nacimiento Lake’s elevation at full capacity is 800 feet with 5,400 surface acres of water and a 16 mile pool length.

Heritage Ranch is a master planned community and is managed through a homeowners’ association, the Heritage Ranch Owners’ Association (HROA) which was incorporated in 1972. There are presently sixteen (16) separate tracts developed with a total build-out projected at 2,900 private lots.



133 Lots

Single Family, RSF

Annexed May 25, 1972


300 Lots

Mobile Homes, RSF

Annexed May 25, 1972


201 Lots

RV Sites, REC

Annexed May 23, 1973


272 Lots

Single Family, RSF

Annexed May 23, 1973


30 Lots

20 Acres, RR

Annexed June 1, 1973


30 Lots

Condominiums, RMF

Annexed November 5, 1973


188 Lots

Mobile Homes, RSF

Annexed November 4, 1974


45 Lots

Single Family, RSF

Annexed September 23, 1977


81 Lots

Single Family, RSF

Annexed September 23, 1981


18 Lots

Certificate Parcels, R

Annexed November 30, 1981


60 Lots

Condominiums, RMF

Annexed September 14, 1982


137 Lots

Single Family, RSF

Annexed May 2, 1983


25 Lots

5 to 8 Acres, RR

Annexed August 18, 1986


213 Lots

Mobile Homes, RSF

Annexed August 18, 1986


150 Lots

1 Acre, RS

Annexed April 18, 2003


221 Lots

Single Family, RS

Annexed July 27, 2005
and June 19, 2006

The Heritage Ranch Owners’ Association Office is located at:

3945 Heritage Road

Paso Robles, CA 93446

Phone: 805-238-9641 Fax 805-238-3430



From California Hwy 46 (CA-46): Continue to follow CA-46 W. CA-46 W becomes G-14. At 8.4 miles, turn RIGHT onto G-14 / Nacmiento Lake Drive. At 4.5 miles, turn LEFT onto Gateway Drive.

From San Luis Obispo, US-101 (North): Continue on US-101 N. Exit at Spring Street. Turn LEFT onto G-14 / 24th Street. At 8.4 miles, turn RIGHT on G-14 / Nacimiento Lake Drive. At 4.5 miles, turn LEFT onto Gateway Drive.

From King City US-101 (South): Continue on US-101 S. Exit at Jolon Road. Turn RIGHT onto G-18 / Jolon Road. Turn LEFT onto G-19 / Nacimiento Lake Drive. At 7.0 miles, turn LEFT onto G-19 / Nacimiento Lake Drive. At 6.6 miles turn RIGHT onto Gateway Drive.



Why do the decals expire on April 30th each year instead of December 31st?
Decals expire on April 30th each year due to two reasons: 1) the weather and 2) number of vehicles and vessels.  The Association actually begins applying new decals on approximately January 1st each year, weather permitting.   (The weather needs to be 50 degrees and rising.)   Appointments can be made for an attendant to apply the decals at your residence or at the RV/Boat Storage Lot through the Gatehouse at 805-227-6560.  Since there are thousands of vehicles and vessels which must be updated each year this process takes several months to complete.


Why is there one trash rate, and why is the trash payment mandatory? Trash pick-up is administered through the Community Services District (CSD) who can be reached at 805-227-6230 (excepting Tracts 447, 466 and 720).  The CSD determines the rates and options available, and is under contract with San Miguel Garbage to perform those services.  The Heritage Ranch Owners' Association (HROA) Board of Directors passed a resolution in 1999 to require all those property owner lots which have a water meter to take (a form of) mandatory trash service through the CSD.  (See HROA Mandatory Trash Resolution) Tract 447 is for part-time living only (RVs) and HROA provides a dumpster site for which the owners of Tract #447 pay a separate trash assessment directly to HROA.  Tract 466 and 720 are both condominium tracts which are managed by Condominium Associations who provide a dumpster site on their property and collect appropriate fees.

Why do some people have private boat docks along the HROA shoreline? The HROA Board of Directors passed a resolution in 1998 to grandfather in the 62 existing private docks that had been registered through Monterey County at that time and ban any future private docks.   These private docks cannot be sold or transferred except to an immediate family member who also owns property at Heritage Ranch.  As of May 1, 2006 there are 32 legal docks left around the main marina and 10 legal docks left anchored up Snake Creek.  The Condo Associations also has docks up Snake Creek which are separate from HROA.  (See Private Boat Dock Policy)  The goal is to phase out all private docks over a period of time.  The existing private dock owners must register with both HROA and Monterey County each year, pay a fee and provide appropriate insurance.  They must also keep their private docks in good repair.

What are red tags and how are they used? A red tag is only needed during the "off season" (excepting Tracts 424, 446, 474, 1910 and 1990 -- see below).  A red tag allows you to temporarily park your camper, vessel/trailer or recreational vehicle unit in your driveway overnight.  During the "boating season", which runs from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, you can park or store your camper, vessel/trailer or recreational vehicle unit in your driveway without needing a red tag. Each red tag is good for 24 hours and you are allowed a maximum of 30 total in a calendar year.  Contact the Gatehouse at 805-227-6560 to register for a red tag. Tracts 424, 446 and 474:  NO RED TAGS REQUIRED -- As of May 1, 2006 Tracts 424, 446 and 474 have amended their CC&Rs to allow for parking of campers, vessels/trailers and recreational vehicle units on a lot in the front set-back on a driveway without the need for screening year-round.  Tracts 1910 and 1990:  RED TAGS NOT ALLOWED -- Tract 1910 and 1990 CC&Rs allow owners in those tracts to park their camper, vessel/trailer or recreational vehicle unit in their driveways year-round (for up to 72 hours without moving), but they cannot store their camper, vessel/trailer or recreational vehicle unit in their driveways.  After 72 hours without moving, any camper, vessel/trailer or recreational vehicle must be stored away from view in a garage-type enclosure (excepting trailers). 

Can I moor my vessel to the shoreline? The shoreline is available on a first-come first-serve basis for use by all property owners and their guests.   Where there is room, any property owner or their guest has the right to temporarily tie up their vessel on the shoreline as long as that vessel is registered through the Gatehouse.  If a vessel is left for more than 72 hours unattended, that vessel is considered "stored" and a citation may be issued against the owner.  (Individuals who use their vessels on a regular basis are required to move them to the opposite shoreline every 14 days to demonstrate to Security personnel it is not being stored.)

When are the pools opened? Presently, the small pool at Equestrian Park is usually opened around May 1st each year and the large pool at Heritage Park is usually opened a few weeks later.  Both pools are usually closed shortly after Labor Day weekend.  This is usually determined by the weather each year.  The pool temperatures are checked on a regular basis.  As long as they maintain a minimum of 78-80 degrees, we schedule a longer swimming season.

What are the office hours at the HROA? The HROA is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.    Special arrangements can also be made on a weekday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.  Please contact HROA at 805-238-9641 if you need assistance.

When are assessments due to HROA? Assessments are to be paid quarterly and are due: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.  They are considered delinquent if not paid by the 15th for which a $10.00 later charge is assessed.  The HROA sends out reminder payment cards but is not responsible for the mail service to make proper delivery.

Where did the names for our three (3) parks come from? Each of our three (3) parks are named for the streets they are located on:  Equestrian Park is on Equestrian Road; Gateway Park is on Gateway Drive; and Heritage Park is on Heritage Road.

How do I reserve more than two campsites? The rules allow each homeowner to reserve up to two (2) campsites at any one time, with the provision that special arrangements can be made through the Association Office (General Manager) for group reservations.  The simple ground rules are: 1) must not be on one of the three (3) major holiday weekends or during fair week; 2) the homeowner must pay in full at the time of reservation; 3) there will be no refunds under any circumstances; 4) subject to not having use of premium spots; 5) subject to revocation of future privileges depending on negative activity of guests; 6) homeowner must make reservation through the Gatehouse.

What is the mowing schedule for HROA Maintenance? Mowing under normal circumstances begins around April 1st each year, when we are satisfied the growth-cycle has stopped or slowed.  We want to encourage native species to reproduce so the seed-head is important to see.  This allows us to stay away from thistle forming.   This is a big job and time-sensitive.   When we have a particularly wet Spring, we start mowing when the ground is dry enough to try to catch up.  On June 1st, the Fire Department cuts us back and we stop mowing at 10:00 a.m. (or "mow at our own risk").   Typically, two mowings occur each year.  The vacant lot owners receive the option to mow their own lot or have us mow it for them for a fee.  If they decide to mow it themselves and don't, they may receive a warning or a fine.  Eventually, we might end up mowing it ourselves and bill back the property owner (excepting lots in Tracts 1063, 1910 and the 20 acre parcels).

Tell me how I have input on the speed bumps on my street? Speed bumps, like them or hate them, you decide.  The speed bumps around the Ranch are handled by vote of a majority of those property owners that travel over them.  In other words, if you want one out, 50% + 1 must agree.  If you want one added, 50% + 1 must agree.  The Association Office can give you the names of those you need to solicit and if you are successful in your endeavor they are scheduled to be put in or removed when your road is being overlaid or when it receives major road repair work.

What are the restrictions regarding dogs at the Marina? Dogs must be leashed at all times while in the Marina except while in the water. Proper pooper scooper rules apply at all times.



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0 #2 cindy shotwell 2011-11-02 22:59
how do we get our names and info in the next directory?
We bought our place in april of 2010
0 #1 Ralph Allison 2011-10-18 16:16
In your Heritage Ranch phone book of 2011, you have on page 10, Key HROA E-mail Addresses. Mine is listed as "Ralph Allison's E-Vents: ralfalison@char ter.net. This should be corrected to "."
Also, in the listing for "Turnquist, June, you need to insert her phone number, "237-7706."
This is the email address Nona Cantatupo used to send messages to all regarding getting new information for the phone book. I have 475 people on my list to get "E-Vents at Heritage Ranch." Glad to be of help.
Ralph Allison

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